Aspirations - Arriving at my Missions of life

This course will help you align all your States of Doing with your State of Being. You will bring in sharper clarity in terms of what you need to do that will enhance your sustainable success.

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Last updated Fri, 23-Sep-2022
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Course overview
This course will enable you to structure your States of Doing in a smart way. It will enable you to reach your aspirations faster and in a structured manner minimizing your chances of a failure.
What will I learn?
  • You will learn:1) How to state your actionable items that leads you to better results;2) Progress both your Personal and Professional aspirations with greater clarity of action and faith;3) You will be seen as a man of achievements rather than just intentions, in both your personal and professional life.
  • You must have a strong desire to structure your thoughts and desires into clear and timely actions.
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