Aspirations - My Core Values

This course will enable you to enhance and sustain both Self-respect as well as respect from others. You will learn what are the 10 values for Innerworld and Outerworld as essentials.

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Course overview

Every individual desires to be happy and is also doing many things to achieve the same. However, the key challenge is how to Sustain what we get. The main factor that enhances your sustainability of happiness, success and growth are your own Core Values. This course will enable you to understand what are the 3 Core Values for your Inner World viz., 3 Golden Principles of Life and the 7 Powers of Professionalism that are most critical for you to understand and imbibe at its highest levels. Those who imbibe these values will be able to realize all their positive and progressive aspirations with much better ease. These value systems goes beyond customs, cultures and traditions and dwelves deep into very core of a human life irrespective of their nationality, gender, education and ethnicity. These value systems will also lay the common ground for all human beings that enhances understanding and reliability of both self and for each other. These Values will make the individual a true leader for others to follow automatically and will be sought after as Professionals of high calibre.

What will I learn?
  • In this course, you will learn:1) 3 Golden Principles of Life that strengthens your Inner World and propel to sustainable happiness;2) 7 Powers of Professionalism that enables you to be sought after in the Outer world as a hardcore and reliable Professional.
  • This course is meant for every human being on this earth. This itself will make the world a better place to live. 
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