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Quality of life depends on quality of decisions made. This Course will enable you to clearly understand how you make your decisions from your deep state of subconscious mind.

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Course overview
We all take decisions and also later on wonder as to what made us take those decisions. This short course will give you a very powerful tool that will enable you to understand how your sub-conscious mind operates that triggers all your major decisions. This course will help you become a good decision maker in life with better states of awareness at both your Inner world and Outer world needs. This course will help you become a much better decision maker in terms of both personal and professional life.
What will I learn?
  • At the end of the course, you will learn:1) Factors that impact all your decisions from your own deeper states of sub-conscious mind;2) Align your Inner World factors with the demands of the Outer world much better for sustainable decisions
  • Need to be an individual who wishes to enhance their decision making ability. 
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