My Reflections to understand my TRUE Self - My Habits & Hobbies

Man is a bundle of habits. Habits decide your Happiness whilst Hobbies decides your Personality. This course will enable you to enhance / regain your Happiness and Personality enabling better future.

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Course overview

Its very important for a human being to reflect deeply on the various Habits and Hobbies that they have imbibed over the past and is still in vogue. This course will help individuals to understand the deeper impact that both the Habits and Hobbies has in terms of both their levels of Happiness and deeper states of Personality that is actually life defining. Habits and Hobbies are the levers for an individual that can be wisely used to enhance both sustainable happiness as well as deeper Personality traits that eventually can align with all positive and progressive aspirations of life.

What will I learn?
  • At the end of this short course, you will learn:1) What within you impacts your sustainability of happiness and progress;2) What aspects and how much of your personality aligns with the profession / career you wish to pursue or work in;3) How to use your habits as a lever to enhance your Happiness Quotient over a longer period of time;4) How to use your hobbies as a lever to enhance your Personality Index that better aligns with your aspirations of life.
  • This course will need you to have the interest and will to:1) Sincerely recognize the need to look at both your habits and hobbies deep within;2) Practice on the tools learnt in this course periodically and proactively so that you can better your habits and hobbies that enhances your sustainability of happiness and definiteness of professional and personal life growth through well aligned personality.
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