My Reflections to understand my TRUE Self - My Relationships as Circles of Influence

This short course will help you understand Relationships much better. In this course, you will also bring to deeper states of clarity in terms of all factors influencing your relationships.

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Course overview

Most of us do not really understand how we define a relationship, it just happens as a mere outcome or influence of emotions. This is the primary reason why relationships hardly sustain in this modern technology driven world. Also, in this relationships more influenced by the social media, it has become even more important for each one of us to revisit on how we look at relationships and what defines a healthy and sustainable relationship. This short course will give you the necessary understanding, approach and tools to deeply reflect on your relationships and build on it to enable a happier future.

What will I learn?
  • At the end of this course you will learn 1) About what are the key circles of influence that triggers the state of a relationship;2) Triggers that moves a relationship from one circle of influence to the other;3) A way to approach your relationship from the state of wisdom rather than the states of emotion;4) Improve and build much better relationships and 5) How to prevent / avoid sleepless nights caused by bad relationships.
  • You just need to have the need to better your relationships with both your SELF and Surroundings. You must be curious enough to understand how your deeper self defines relationship and align it at the level of conscious efforts to build on it to enable sustainable and progressive relationships. A bad relationship can completely collapse your mind space, time and progress which otherwise you would have accomplished. This tool is very useful for any human being right from those studying in Std 8 in school to Heads of institutions, home makers and retired senior citizens. This tool will certainly bring in better understanding of both self and others and enable to enhance overall harmony and progress.
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