Aspirations - Arriving at my Vision of Life

This course will help you arrive at your Vision of life that aligns with your State of Being. Vision is very essential for every individual as it is the Light House of your life giving directions.

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Course overview

Aspirations drives the energy and enthusiasm levels of an individual to lead their life positively and enable progress every single day. However, it depends on what propels your actions every day in your life. Is it your State of Being driving your State of Doing or vice-versa? In today's fast paced world, unfortunately, its our State of Doing that drives our State of Being...ideally we should all be called Human Doing...but instead our Ancestors who were much wiser than us, called us as a Human Being. This course will enable you to revisit this very important approach to life and help you to first reflect deeply and arrive at your State of Being that becomes the Very State of Purpose of your life. This will greatly help you in structuring all your decisions and actions in day to day life. You will transform from leading a life of Survival to an Aspirational life.

What will I learn?
  • From this course, you will:1) Understand your true State of Being;2) Design and define your true Identity;3) Become self-motivated through your own enhanced clarity and conviction on your Statement of Purpose in life.
  • This course can be taken by any individual from Std VIII school student to Heads of Organizations to a retired individual to a home maker. Ideally, this course should be done by every individual on this earth without fail as this will make an individual grounded and his / her life simple but much more effective and happier.
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