Aspirations - My Career Options Matrix

This short course will greatly help you in arriving at your Top 3 Career Options. The course helps you in better understanding of all core factors that you need to know for finalizing your Career.

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Course overview
Most individuals today lead a life of survival as they mainly look for getting a job that enables a living. This is what causes lack of self-motivation of employees in their employment. Also, there are many individuals who are successful in clearing their interview process and also get their offer letter but will not join the job. This way, both the individual and the Organization are not enabling a progress. All these are because, the individual primarily has not firmed up with deeper clarity as to what they really want out of their employment. This course will greatly enable the individual to understand all the core factors that have to be considered and understood that will make them come up with their Top 3 Career Options. 
What will I learn?
  • At the end of this course, you will learn:1) All key factors required to arrive at your Top 3 Career Options;2) Arrive at your top 3 career options.
  • This course will greatly help:1) Students pursuing their graduation or post graduation;2) Freshers who have completed their education and is trying to get an employment; <3) Employees who had taken up their current employment as a stop gap arrangement that just enables a living but is not happy to continue with it;4) Freelance consultants who are rethinking to enter the full time employment;5) NRI professionals who are returning to India and is looking for repositioning their career life in India6) Individuals who are transitioning from Serving the Armed Forces into the Civilian Career path7) Professionals who have retired from their employment and still has energy and enthusiasm to contribute to the industry.
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