My Reflections to understand my TRUE Self - My Happiness Measure

First of its kind course that enables you to measure your happiness and in the process get a much deeper insight into your true self. Helps know your Mind Index of all thoughts, decisions & actions.

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Course overview

This first of its kind Course will help you understand:1) Your state of happiness;2) What influences your states of happiness from deep within;3) What parameters drives all your thoughts, decisions and actions from deep within;4) How to self ascertain all the above through a highly effective Mind Mapping exercise that enables you to understand your TRUE SELF;5) How to strengthen your Deep Self that enables and enhances you to lead a much better life of contribution and sustainable happiness.

What will I learn?
  • At the end of this course, you will take better control of your Deep Mind to experience sustainable happiness in life by learning:1) Factors that drives all your thoughts, decisions and actions from your Sub-conscious state of Mind;2) Structuring your Deep Mind with enhanced alignment to your Personal and Professional aspirations that enables better levels of contribution and overall growth.This course will be a certain Turning Point in your Life.
  • This course is primarily meant for those who wish to replace their states of momentary / temporary happiness state to a more sustainable happiness wherein they will be enabling themselves and not be dependent on Outer World influences of People and circumstances.The individual attending this course should be very very sincere in reflecting their very deep states dispassionately and genuinely.
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